Since our opening in 2010 our goal has always been to offer serums at the best possible prices without compromising quality or service. We feel like we`ve achieved these set goals through rigorous quality control combined with sourcing the best possible prices followed up with excellent customer service.

About our biomimetic peptide formulations, all of our bio formulations are made by us in the USA and we use the highest grade mimetic peptides available, each peptide based formulated product will contain either slightly below or at the recommended concentration level set by the manufactures.

Noteworthy, our serums contain a proprietary blend of hyaluronic acids because of this you may notice the serums have a much better feel and overall effect than what you and/or your customers are typically used to.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us via email at info@j2skincare.com or call us direct at 800-279-6364 Mon.-Thur. 9-5pm Fridays 9-1pm EST.

Thank you,

Team j2